Oes Tsetnoc Penalized by G

This blog has been penalized by Google for unknown reason for me. This used to receive more than a hundred visitors form Google alone but now only Yahoo and Bing are the source of visitors for this blog. This is what happened also to my oes tsetnoc entry in the ongoing SEO contest sponsored by Promo Junkie.

They have the same fate but in oes tsetnoc, I am able to dig the real cause of the penalty it received. It's the blog commenting that harmed the rank of my entry. I tried to do what the others are doing in their link popularity campaign and all I got is the penalty.

I was not actually doing blog commenting but I was tempted to do since everybody is doing it in the contest. I was hoping that it could give a little push to my campaign but it pushed me way way down below. I am again optimizing it with my own strategies and hope it could go back to the top ten soon.